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 Instead of wasting time on social media, you could be engaged in powerful learning that could change your life.
What you'll discover...
1. The secret skills that clients are dying to pay for which you could learn in just 1 weekend.

2. How to attract clients using today's top marketing techniques used by million-dollar companies.

3. How to consistently create income as a freelancer working from home.
You can learn skills that could make you an extra $100/per day and much more. 

Who Is Alex?

Alex is a full-time freelancer who brings in $400k per year and has been featured in Forbes and Business Insider. Growing up on a farm in Albany, she didn’t really know what she wanted for her future. She went to a local state school and started working in the PR industry. She discovered She hated it so much in 2015, she quit her job with no plan, no money, and no future. She didn’t know what to do so she decided to open writing services on Fiverr because she had nothing to lose. 3 years later, she was making 6 figures as a copywriter from all over the world using just her laptop.

Screenshot of Alex's Fiverr income report

The world is changing
People are working from home
Will you have the necessary skills to keep up?

What's Inside The Course...

The basics of Freelance
Discover how to creatively light any scene

1. Setting up your profile
2. How to set up a gig
3. How many gigs should you have
4. The 5 biggest mistakes newbies make
5. The best way to know what type of freelancer you should be.
6. What types of freelance are most popular.
How to profit from freelance sites
Discover how to creatively color your images

1. How to upsell your client
2. How to price your gigs
3. How to rise in Fiverr levels
4. The secret spot where clients hang out
5. Discover where most client traffic is coming from.
6. What to provide each client so they keep hiring you.
How to attract your first clients
Discover how to find and attract customers that can afford your services

1. How to find your first clients.
2. How to get 5-star reviews.
3. How to read Analytics and see what needs to be improved on.
4. What types of clients you need to take on.
5. How to become a Fiverr Pro.


You'll also get:

Alex's $450 training on how she went from $100k-$400k using these 10 simple strategies

Some Frequently Asked Questions...

How will I get access to the content?
As soon as you sign up you’ll get an email with step by step instructions. You can access the course videos any time and on any device (with an internet connection).
Can’t I find this information on YouTube?
I've spent hundreds of hours watching YouTube videos when I first started out but I still wish that I had something like this so that I could bypass all that time I wasted trying to find the answers to my questions. You won't find this info on YouTube!
What if I buy the course, but then I realize it’s not a good fit for me?
Our satisfaction rate is extremely high with this course, BUT in the event it doesn’t work out for you, we do offer a 30-day, money-back guarantee. If for some reason you’re not happy with your purchase, just email us with your purchase receipt and we’ll give you a full refund.
Will this work for beginners?
MentorCamp was built for the beginner in mind all the way up to someone who wants to learn more advanced techniques.

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If you don't love our Freelancer course for any reason, just let us know within 30 days and we'll give you a full refund.
We're confident it will help you find your passion and help in your future success.

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